What is Interconnectedness?

“Interconnectedness’ to be in ‘Harmony’ with everything on Planet Earth

We, humans, are losing ‘Connection’ not only with higher realms but also with fellow humans and more so with Nature. Now the time has come that we realize the importance of ‘Connection’ to make the planet Earth a better place for the generations to inherit. Let’s explore how & why did this disconnect happen, which has created such a huge imbalance world over…

We are using this term as one of the really interesting things that are happening is the convergence of two things, which were previously considered separate, but are now telling us very much the same thing. If we look at the cutting edge of science and the way its describing reality that we live in, it’s all about the quantum field, the fundamental unity of everything, and so on.

Then if we look at the timeless wisdom, a tradition that we might call the core mystical tradition, which has been present in every religion, denotes, the fundamental nature of our consciousness is one of unity. One in which we experience a fundamental unity with everything. 

This went on so far as to say that when we experience ourselves as a separate self, we’re in some illusion, which interestingly Albert Einstein explained: The separate sense of self is an optical delusion of consciousness. One of our challenges as human beings is exactly to transcend or come into a much greater experience of the unity of everything and you find many different voices now saying that in many disciplines all over the world. 

So, I think there’s another important point here about Interconnectivity and unity, which people experienced in the post-modern era, as I said that in early communities’ people experienced a greater degree of ‘Connectivity.’ This often had its foundation of religion and some sense of connection also to a higher power which most people called God.

As we developed what we now call EGO, which was a huge evolutionary step for humankind.

We began to develop more and more experience of separatism, rationality, and self-responsibility.

We started enabling ourselves to control enormous parts of the world that previously were either magical or simply beyond our control. Certainly, we as part of this developed world, what we call the post-modern ego, inevitably and naturally, we threw out the religious beliefs and religious consciousness. We were unable to fit these with our ego, however, we also threw the baby out with the bathwater and I think this is something very important for us to understand. It’s very difficult now for our ego to experience anything bigger than itself. It’s even more difficult to experience the desire or the impulse to bow to anything bigger.

I believe along with many people now that the next evolutionary step for us as species will be an integration of the two, so we will move into a higher sense of unity with everything. The ‘Interconnectivity’ of everything in which both science and wisdom

tell us that as per the fundamental nature of reality, we will be able to integrate the post-modern ego.

So, as before we were “WE”, there was no real ‘I’ and everything was just WE, then we became am ‘I’. In this transition, we experienced separatism, and its time now that as a next step that we move into a higher WE. I believe that’s would be the revolutionary movement, which we have already started witnessing in different parts of the world, across disciplines. 

William Blake, the great English poet expressed some 200 years ago, in a very simple way: In our journey through life, if we’re developing that we move from innocence to experience to higher innocence and that higher innocence is an integration of the original ‘WE’, the post-modern ‘I’ into a much higher unity.

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