Human Intrusion with Mother Earth

“The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Planet Earth is known to be the first home to the human species and the main source of the creation and existence of mankind. Since then we humans, one of the enormous species of Earthlings have started to segregate the environment as useful and non-useful as per our requirements by hampering its natural resources and gaining power over the other species.

We have placed ourselves on top of the hierarchy and gained superiority over the voiceless. We seem to be imposing our right on the Planet with our own ways of perception and have forgotten the basic principles of reciprocation towards the only mother, Earth.

The Mother in Mother Earth

The planet has sheltered us just like how the mothers protect their children. It has given us countless comforts starting from providing all the basic necessities required for us to exist like the abundance of fresh air, water, land, forests and whatnot. Just like a mother goes all the way for her children to provide them with all the comforts even before they ask for.

The ‘Inhumane’ Humans

But what we, so-called powerful creatures, never appreciated what we’ve got and the reciprocation to all those satisfied needs of our species. We have overlooked the whole platter offered to us and exploited to the hilt as if we own it. We have lost the connection to understand and feel, rather have incessant urge to acquire more and more.

The disconnect between the two

We, humans, went overboard and consumed whatever we could to boast of our achievements which Mother Earth never took an account off. We recklessly exploited its resources, wherever our hands reached and lost the meaning of our origin and its end. Apart from that, our Mother Earth has gone all the way to safeguard for our needs but never took an account even of our greed.


Since the time our greed exceeded the need, the Mother Earth lost control of all its supplies. By being the mother of whole mankind, it never refrained from its denial, rather it showed us the path in many ways. But in the end, it was us greedy humans who never understood the reasons for its decline.

So just like our Mother grows old with the exploitation of all her resources, while providing extreme convenience to her children, similarly, our Mother Earth is getting old as we have depleted all its resources and overused more than we required.

The Time is NOW This is high time that we think about this grave condition, we have put our Mother Earth in. We need to realize eternity never lies, whether of humans or the Earth, everyone the time comes it has to die. The eternity exists in the souls which we haven’t found out, even the planet has given up on the specie, to explain of all the possibility to bring Harmony.

Mother Earth never utters a word about its extreme loss and unbearable pain she is going through. It’s up to us to empathize with her pain and understand it’s the only time to reinstate whatever she has lost. It should be our sole responsibility to act as if WE are ONLY responsible for all this madness.

It is now or never!

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